Teacher & Lecturer
For more than 25 years I've served as a lecturer, teacher, healer and medium at Spiritualist churches throughout the northeast U.S. and in Canada.

My classes and workshop are highly experiential and give practical, easy to understand techniques for using your intuition, your higher Self, your connection with Spirit in your every-day life. They are filled with fun and laughter.

I like intimate settings, a big kitchen table with 8-10 folks who are interested in meeting their life challenges head-on is my idea of a great workshop. Everyone who participates gets lots of help, attention, and support. Having said that, however, I also work with larger groups, up to 25 people. It's perfect for churches or organizations who are interested in using the workshop for fundraising purposes.

My very most favorite class to teach is entitled New Perspectives on Your Life: Exploring Your Sacred Contract. Based on the teachings of Caroline Myss, it offers valuable insights on life, relationships, challenges, and victories. If you're interested in this class or something on a different subject, drop me an email at martie@netsync.net and I'll be glad to see what I can do.


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