Holistic Management Solutions
 Every business begins with a dream. I know, I began this one with a dream, too.

Part of that dream is a deep, core belief that the business will be successful. Part of that dream is a belief that the employees will be productive, happy, well-paid, content. Part of the dream is a desire that the business will make a difference in the lives of the owners, employees, the community, and to some extent, the world at large.

Too often the dream gets lost in the pursuit of profit, power and prestige.

Holistic Management Solutions can help you find that dream, get your business get back on track and bring real success to you, your employees and your family. Highly intuitive, very skilled consultants will assess your company from a heart-centered perspective and offer strategies to bring it back in line with your original dream.

Some of the services we offer are:

* Situation Analysis
* Corporate Climate Assessments
* Goal Setting and Consensus Building
* Long-Range Planning
* Customer Care/Customer Service Management
* Process Management

If you want help regaining YOUR dream, give me a call or drop me an "e" at martie@netsync.net.

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