Healing Conversations for your Soul

Readings, spirit conversations, bring through the words your Soul most needs to hear. They're insightful, compassionate, sagacious, empathetic, kind, funny, energizing, empowering and sometimes down-right outrageous. Some say, they're a lot like me.

While I'm primarily clairvoyant and clairsentient, I receive and deliver messages in the way you are most most likely to understand. After all, I'm only helping you see what you don't ... until you learn to "see" for yourself.

Remember, the only silly questions are the ones we don't ask!


Healing Conversations are available in-person at 14 Third Street in Lily Dale NY and by phone.

In-person sessions are 45 minutes in length and are recorded on a CD for your convenience though the quality of the recording cannot be guaranteed.  It doesn't mean I'll spend the entire time "reading." What you might perceive as "idle chit-chat" is actually preparation time for our adventure together.

Phone sessions are also 45 minutes in length, but at this point I am unable to record them so I encourage you to take notes.

Please contact me by email to schedule a session, either in-person or by phone. I've found that email is the best way to schedule a session. It leaves a paper-trail and helps keep scheduling confusion - mine - to a minimum.


When emailing for an in-person appointment, please indicate the day and date you'll be in Lily Dale and whether you'd prefer a morning or afternoon appointment, how many appointments you're requesting, and the names of all the people you're scheduling.

Please, don't "shop around" for an appointment. That is, do not send requests to several mediums then take the first one who gets back to you without letting the rest of us know you're already scheduled. That wastes our time and may prevent a person who really needs a session from receiving one.

Once you're "penciled in the book" I'll send you an email marked "SCHEDULING" or "TENTATIVE" which shows the day, date and time of your session(s) in the subject line. Please let me know you've received that email by confirming your appointment(s). You'll then receive a second email marked "CONFIRMED" which lets you know we're "good to go."

PLEASE NOTE: The scheduling/confirming emails will be from martie@netsync.net.

When you're requesting an appointment, please be patient.
It may take a day or two to get back to you, especially during the summer as I only check email and phone messages in the evening. I you do't hear back from me please resend your email. Occastionally they get "lost in the ether."

If you need to change or cancel an appointment, please let me know ASAP so I can release the time and allow someone else to schedule a session. 

Also, I choose not do readings by email. They are way too time-consuming and do not allow for immediate feedback which, for me, is necessary to assure a meaningful session.


In-Person Sessions - DURING THE SUMMER - 2019

During Lily Dale's summer season - Friday, June 21st - Sunday, September 1st, 2019
advance appointments are necessary
for in-person sessions.

Contact me as soon as you know when you'll be visiting us, and you're less likely to be disappointed.
My schedule is not posted as I cannot take same-day appointments.
Begging and groveling won't help. 
Sessions are in the late morning (10:15, 11:00 and 11:45) then mid-afternoon (2:15, 3:00 and 3:45).

A 1:00 appointment may be available if you're willing to forgo the Message Service at Inspiration Stump. Just ask. I'll be happy to accommodate you, if I can.

No I don't keep a waiting list. I have enough trouble keeping hundreds of requests straight.
A waiting list is just one more thing for me to mess-up.

Please don't call for same-day sessions.
I only pick up messages in the evening. 

In-Person Sessions - OTHER TIMES

Because of my completely personal crazy life - crazy in a good way - I don't yet know when I'll be available for in-person sessions post-season.

Phone Sessions - DURING THE SUMMER - July and August

Please contact me by email and I'll do my best to accommodate you.

Phone Sessions - September - June

I am generally available for phone sessions Monday thru Friday from noon - 4 pm Eastern Time. A VERY limited number of weekend appointments may be available. Availability is always dependent on my travel and workshop/teaching schedule.  As a rule, I do NOT read in the evening as I know I am not at my best. 

At other times I will absolutely try to accommodate your request for a phone session. Do email me to see when I'm next available. When requesting a session, please let me know where you live - east coast, west coast, Alabama, Alaska - so we can get on the same page re: time zones.

If I'm in my Lily Dale home, at the time of the session the person receiving the reading calls me at 716-595-3754. If I'm not in Lily Dale, I'll give you the phone number to call at the time your session's confirmed.

When requesting a phone session, please let me know if you're available during the daytime, Monday thru Friday or if you need a weekend appointment. Also tell me where you're located so we can get on the same page regarding appointment times. If you can, give me a couple of days/times that are good for you, I'll do my best to accommodate you. As with the in-person appointments, I'll send you an email marked "SCHEDULING" which shows the day, date and time of your session(s) in the subject line. Please let me know you've received that email. A second email from me will indicate  "CONFIRMED" which lets you know we're good to go.


I want to put this in HUGE type and yell it from the rooftop.

Over the last few years, we've all been deluged with no-shows. People who make appointments then either don't show up or cancel at the last minute.  While I was able to fill some of those slots, it meant people who really NEEDED a session were unable to get one. I have resisted requiring payment in advance, as many of my colleagues do, because I believe in the innate goodness of the people who have scheduled time with me.

There are times, I understand, when it's necessary to cancel your session.
Please email me and let me know.
However, I only check email in the evening.

On the day of your reading, if you're running late, caught in traffic, lost, please let me know and I'll do the absolute best I can do to make sure we can get together. I promise you'll never end up on Martie's "naughty list" if you let me know.
Please call or text me at 716-397-1900.

If you do, I will not reply.


I do ask a minimum donation of $85 for in-person sessions which may be made by cash on the day of the reading. Phone sessions are also $85. Payment for telephone readings may be made through PayPal  in advance of the session. There is a link to PayPal at the bottom of my home page here at www.spiritualintuitive.com.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, contact me at martie@spiritualintuitive.com.